Custom Power Supply Request Form

IPD looks forward to assisting you with your custom power supply requirement. If you can’t find what you need in our standard products list, we can design a semi-custom power supply for your needs. Semi-custom power supply requirements typically fall within our standard product parameters. 

All of our AC input power supplies have a universal input of 85-264 VAC. Our DC series have an input range of 9-18VDC, 18-36VDC and 36-72 VDC. 

Your semi custom power supply can have up to four outputs with voltages ranging from 2.5-48 volts DC. Higher DC output voltages are considered on a case by case basis.

In-house magnetic design and manufacturing facilitates quick turn around times on your custom power supply manufacturing times. Since everything is designed, assembled and tested in one facility, there is no time lost in getting a power supply prototype into your hands for further first article testing.

Other than output voltages and currents, you can also choose from the following for your semi custom power supply:

1.) Configurable output voltage polarity – Printed Circuit boards are designed for positive, negative or isolated outputs.

2.) Screw-down or snap-lock connectors – We can also consider other styles of connectors, but it must conform to the applicable power supply series size and spacing parameters.

3.) Optional enclosures and mounting solutions – Most of our power supplies can be purchased open frame, or with a chassis and cover.  This allows for mounting in a several different orientations.

IPD’s engineering department test lab meets the ISO/IEC 17025 standard for testing and calibration, this allows us to be part of the UL Data Acceptance program and the TUV Acceptance of Client Testing Program. All TUV and UL testing is done at our facility which allows for quicker lead times for projects that require safety approvals.

Please use the custom power supply contact form below to provide your application information and we will contact you with further details or if you wish to speak with us directly we can be reached at (570) 824-4666 or