DC Output Power Supplies

Integrated Power Designs manufactures DC power supplies that can have a AC input or a DC input. Our DC power supplies meet the latest approvals for medical, audio, video, industrial and IT applications. All of our DC power supplies are manufactured in the US. You can browse our DC power supplies by selecting from either the AC-DC power supply or DC-DC power supply image below. You can also use our product search tool above to find the DC power supply to fit your application. If you would like a more personal touch, please feel free to contact us at sales@ipdpower.com or 570-824-4666 to assist with your DC power supply requirement.


Integrated Power Designs AC-DC Power Supplies
 AC-DC  Power Supplies

With output power ratings available between 25-400W, IPD offers a wide range of AC-DC power supplies for Medical, Industrial and Audio Video applications

Integrated Power Designs DC-DC Power Supplies
 DC-DC  Power Supplies

IPD offers DC-DC power supplies in the 70-185W range operating at input voltages of 9-18 VDC, 18-36 VDC, or 36-72 VDC. Reinforced Insulation is provided between primary & secondary circuits